Simon studying Stateside

Westfield Matildas and Sydney FC striker Kyah Simon talks to Sally Shipard about her life and football in Boston.

Currently playing in the US for the Boston Breakers in the new National Women-s Soccer League, Westfield Matilda Kyah Simon had not long arrived in Boston at the time of the recent bombings.

Thankfully, Kyah is safe and sound after sleeping through the whole thing but here she talks to Matildas teammate Sally Shipard about her life and football in America.

SS: You have been in the States for a couple of weeks now, how are you settling in? KS: Finally over the jet lag after a tough week of fatigue, tiredness and body clock all over the shop. But settled in well with my host family (same family as last year, they're great!), really like my team, they're a great bunch of girls and a great team morale. My study is really coming together and really just a good balance across the board.

SS: Did you have long enough to prepare with the team, considering you had your first game on the weekend? KS: To be honest I only had two games and three-four field sessions preparation. Considering that I think we definitely will create a better chemistry on the pitch having played and trained a few more times together.

SS: How close are you to the other Aussies? Will you be able to catch up with any of them on the side? KS: Really close with Sam and Cait (Sydney FC teammates Sam Kerr and Caitlin Foord). Hoping that we will get to hang out with each other when were in each other-s cities.

SS: You have played in the US before, comparing the US League to the Westfield W-League. What are the main differences? KS: I think the differences are US play more direct, a faster paced game and all round more athletic. Our game is more technical and tactical-based.

SS: What does a typical training day involve? KS: Training 10-12 (Football, fitness, agility days) with a gym session once a week after training.

SS: What kind of house do you live in/with any other teammates? KS: I live with a host family (Mum Dad, son, and daughter).

SS: Do you get many days off? What do you like to do when allowed to wind down? KS: We have one or two days off per week. I like to relax at home, watch movies and do my study. That will change when the weather gets a bit hotter though.

SS: What are you studying and how you are handling the demands of study and football? KS: Diploma of Management. To be honest I found it a bit daunting and overwhelming, especially having to do it all online and work things out. But now things are really coming together, I'm in regular contact with my teacher which is great, Martin College have been over accommodating with my situation and I've learnt that this really is when time management gets the most use, in times like these.

SS: What made you want to study again? KS: It was the fire in my belly to own a business of my own one day. I finally decided which career path I wanted to excel in and thought I would put words into actions.

SS: Do you miss home? KS: Yeah I do miss home, watching my nephew Trey grow up (I'm going to miss his first words), spending time with my siblings (Wes, Sarah and Aaron), my close friends and Mum and Dad. There's no place like home!

SS: Will you be touring with the Matildas in June/July? Returning home for the internationals against New Zealand even? KS: I believe so, as for cemented dates they're still up in the air.