Schwarzer stamps his name in history

Mark Schwarzer has been honoured with his very own legends stamp, agead of Australia Day.

Socceroos goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer will take his place amongst other Australian ‘football- stars on a series of postage stamps to be released on Australia Day.

While Schwarzer has been nominated football-s representative, his face will adorn stamps as will the faces of Gary Ablett Jr, Billy Slater and David Pocock.

All-time legends Ron Barassi, Joe Marston, John Raper and David Campese will also be immortalised on the 2012 Australia Post Australian Legends stamp issue, which recognises Australia's four dominant football codes - Australian rules, football, rugby union and rugby league.

The identities of the eight football champions - one all-time legend and one current playing legend from each code have now been released.

Australia Post Managing Director and CEO, Ahmed Fahour, said the 2012 Legends were chosen for their contribution to Australian sporting culture and for playing a vital role in shaping Australia as a great sporting nation.

"These eight football legends have inspired millions of Australians with their remarkable achievements - both on and off the field. The stamps will be a constant reminder of the history these players have created - whether it be in Australian rules, football, rugby union or rugby league," Mr Fahour said.

To select the eight individual recipients of the 2012 Legends Award, Australia Post established expert judging panels for each of the four codes - comprising a journalist, a broadcaster and a former champion player.

Schwarzer, said being on a stamp was "beyond his wildest dreams".

“It's almost like a fairy tale because you don't think as a footballer that you could ever be on a stamp. It's definitely not one of those targets that you set yourself to achieve," he said.

All-time football legend Joe Marston, who was the first Australian to play in a FA Cup final, said he was shocked to receive a phone call, saying he was selected to appear on a stamp.

"I really didn't know what to say. I thought I must have done something right and thought 'well it's a great honour to be selected in that category'," he said.