'So proud and humbled': Harry Williams' touching message to Rasic after Rale tribute show

Legendary Socceroos coach Rale Rasic has revealed the remarkable message he received from former Socceroo Harry Williams following the live celebration of Rasic’s legacy last Thursday.


During a two-hour live broadcast on the FFA and Socceroos digital channels, Rasic and a host of former Socceroos paid tribute to and analysed the ex-coach’s contribution to football in Australia – both on and off the pitch.

Rasic – who was the youngest ever Socceroos manager and led Australia to their first FIFA World Cup in 1974 – also recognised the importance and contribution of Harry Williams, who was the first Indigenous Australian to represent the Socceroos.

The former Socceroos coach expressed it was a “pride and honour” to have Williams as a part of his squad at the 1974 FIFA World Cup.

Rasic said, “having Harry Williams there (in Germany) as a special person representing his race at 21 years of age… (He is the) most beautiful human being that you can ever come across… That was a pride and honour.”

In response to the broadcast and Rasic’s tribute, Williams sent his former coach the following message:

“Hi Rale, simply: ‘SENSATIONAL’

No better way to tell our story, through your eyes, through your heart. You are a true historian. A true storyteller much - like our storytelling in Aboriginal folklore and Aboriginal culture.

Our football folklore needs to continue. Much thanks to Andy Paschalidis, Harry Michaels and others.

It was such a buzz to see some of my eternal footy brothers, however can you let Jimmy (Fraser) know I can't be his roomy anymore... my wife won't allow it! I haven't got the heart to tell him face to face...🤣

Where has the time gone Rale... it just seemed like yesterday.

When I hear you guys I'm ready to get my boots out again… I feel so proud and humbled to be a part of such a magical and spiritual part of a very special group of humans. Apart from family, our collective experiences together doesn't get any better.

Thank you Rale, from one of your football sons,

Watch the full two hour broadcast of ‘Rale Rasic: A Celebration’ in the video player below or watch a Behind The Scenes feature in the video player at the top!

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