Football pioneer Heather Reid becomes AWRA Ambassador

Football pioneer Heather Reid has been named as an Ambassador for the Australian Womensport and Recreation Association.

Award-winning football pioneer Heather Reid has been named as an Ambassador for the Australian Womensport and Recreation Association, joining inaugural Ambassador Lauren Jackson in AWRA's campaign to get more women and girls participating in sport.

The AWRA honour is another major recognition for Heather Reid, who on Friday night was awarded a prestigious ‘Edna- Award for her work in women-s sport and football.

The ‘Ednas- celebrate the life and work of feminist Edna Ryan who died in 1997, aged 92, leaving a rich legacy as a social reformer and political activist. Among Ryan's many contributions was her tireless campaign to achieve equal wages for women.

Australian Womensport and Recreation Association President, Janice Crosswhite OAM, today congratulated Heather Reid on her ‘Edna- award and her AWRA role.

"Heather is a very fitting choice to join basketballer Lauren Jackson as an AWRA ambassador to promote a strong and healthy culture through increased participation of females in sport," Janice said. "AWRA is lucky to have two strong women campaigning for a cause that benefits women and Australia."

Heather-s ‘Edna- award recognises her vision and leadership in growing female participation in football (soccer), which is the fastest growing sport for females in Australia. She was a foundation member of the ANU Women-s Soccer Club, and later in 1978 as ACT Women-s Soccer Association President pioneered women's football competition.

In the 1980-s, as CEO of Australian Women-s Soccer, Heather helped lobby for the establishment a FIFA World Cup for women and also successfully lobbied for women-s competition to be added to the Olympic Games football program. Ten years ago, Heather became the first female to be appointed as CEO of a State Football Federation and is currently the only female CEO of a semi-professional football team, (Canberra United FC) that competes in the national W-League.

Heather said it was a great honour to be appointed an AWRA Ambassador. "I look forward to forward to championing AWRA-s vision of a strong and healthy Australia by encouraging more women and girls to participate in sport, physical activity and recreation," Heather said. "The ‘Edna- award is special because it means that my work in facilitating change for women in football and sport in general has been recognised by peers from all walks of life.”

In a further boost for AWRA, current co-opted Board Member and self described women-s sport nut, Danielle Warby also received an ‘Edna- for her work in her work promoting women in sport.