FFA TV Rewind | Socceroos music tracks

Missed this exclusive video? Here’s your chance to catch up on our most popular videos from inside the Socceroos’ camp with FFA TV Rewind.

Oasis, ACDC, Eminem and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. These are some of the bands the Socceroos chose to have playing as they walked out onto the pitch in Brazil.

The momentous occasion of taking the field in a World Cup does not require any added motivation but as our stars reveal there’s nothing like hearing your favourite track to help you “switch on” before you cross that white line.

There are some predictable choices amongst our current crop of internationals with “Eye of the Tiger”, “We will rock you” and “Thunderstruck” all getting a run.

Our new captain hopes to one day take the field to the UEFA Champions League theme song, while there are a few obscure references that may surprise.

Who likes their rock music? Who prefers some hip-hop? Who likes their Aussie anthems and who needs to listen to something classical to sooth their pumping adrenalin before kick-off?

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