Davey's Diary | Picturesque Netherlands

Matildas goalkeeper Brianna Davey gives an insight into how the squad are going on their European tour.

The Netherlands is a beautiful place! When I heard we were coming here to play a couple of friendlies I knew nothing of the country besides the fact it was in Europe.

It's such a wonderfully green country and there are so many different types of beautiful animals. The amount of deer I've seen in fields has been a personal highlight. The people here are also lovely - and they all speak English which is comforting.

So far I have spent a lot of my football time in Asia, so I-m use to humid climates. It is definitely a different experience here because the Netherlands almost feels like being back home, with the clear air and beautiful surroundings.

One cool thing I love about this country is that everyone rides bikes, whether young or old everyone jumps on bikes to get around, it-s awesome! I would definitely come back here for a holiday.

We've had a couple of training sessions since our arrival. The first session was definitely the hardest as our legs and muscles felt heavy after our flight. However it was good to get out on the pitch and get the blood flowing. The second session was a lot better after we'd had two nights sleep and some good rest to help fight the jet-lag.

We've been on a couple of walks and team outings, it's always a breath of fresh air to get out of the hotel and do something different. When we went to a shopping centre nearby some of us went to the bathrooms. At the front of the toilets were little boom gates. We were so confused, but as we got closer soon realised you had to pay. Luckily we had some cash on us or we would have been in trouble!

Travelling with the Matildas is definitely a dream come true. You get to see the world while playing a game that you love. You can't get any better than that!

Over the next few days the thing I'm definitely looking forward to most is Game Day. It's a day like no other and one I look forward to the most, especially when you're pulling on the green and gold! We're playing the Netherlands so that is also exciting for me as I've never experienced the style of European football before. It should be an amazing match.