Socceroos discuss hopes for 2021

2021 has begun, so what are the Socceroos' hopes and dreams for the coming year?

We caught up with Australian national team players Brad Smith, Bailey Wright, Danny Vukovic, Harry Souttar, Trent Sainsbury, Rhyan Grant and Mitch Duke to look ahead to 2021.

In this Q and A, we asked the Socceroos the following question:

What are your hopes for 2021?

Danny Vukovic: My hopes for 2021 is certainly that life goes back to normal. We're welcoming in our second child next year and it would be nice for life to be back to normal when that happens.

Hopefully my family from Australia can be here for the birth of my son or daughter. 

Trent Sainsbury: It would have to be the delivery of a healthy baby boy. And that I'm still playing football and doing the job I love.

Also, getting the Socceroos back together! I miss the boys incredibly, and I can't wait to see the family again.

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Mitch Duke: I hope things just go back to normal in 2021. No more restrictions, hopefully everything can just go back to what it was.

Now that I'm in Saudi Arabia the travel restrictions make it hard to have visitors, so that's been hard to take. Hopefully, travel can come back by the time our season finishes so I can go on a nice family vacations and make some memories with my family.

I actually want to do some study and better myself outside of football. Start trying different things that I want to learn and see which direction I might want to go after football. I'll be 30 in January so its time to start thinking about things like that.

Harry Souttar: Probably to learn the guitar.

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