Celeb picks for Caltex Socceroos' FIFA World Cup draw

Aussie fans will be glued to TV sets early on Saturday morning (AEDT) as the 2018 FIFA World Cup Draw is conducted in Russia. 

After the Socceroos' thrilling intercontinental win over Honduras in November, Australia and 31 other nations are heading to Russia for the greatest sporting festival on Earth next year.

After copping some horror draws in the past three World Cups, fans will be hoping for a little bit of luck this time around. 

What is the draw format?

The 32 teams are split into four pots, with Russia and the seven highest-ranked nations in pot one, and the lowest-ranked teams in pot four.

Each group will have one team from each pot, but there will be restrictions in terms of teams from the same confederations.

There can be no more than two European nations in any one group, while there may only be a single country from each of the other confederations.

Ahead of the draw, we caught up with Fox Sports Football Presenter Adam Peacock to gather his thoughts on which nations he'd like the Socceroos to be pitted against. 



On form you want to avoid all but one, but on atmosphere you probably want to avoid one in particular - unfortunately that's the one you don't want to avoid on form!

I'll probably lump for Russia purely on footballing terms.

The other teams are fantastic teams with an enormous amount of depth.

Russia anyone?


There's one team to avoid here and that's Spain - their subs bench would make up a first team for most other countries!

England would be the dream draw in a lot of people's eyes but I think they're improving and going in the right direction.

I quite like Croatia - a little Stuttgart memory.

Croatia are good, but not great.

Luka Modric will be central to everything they do, but they're not a team to be scared of.

Given the links between Australia and that part of the world it'd be like a mini-derby.

Croatia would be a battle!


Given CONCACAF and how bad the form looked out of the Honduras match, I'd probably go for Costa Rica.

They'd be hard to break down but we played them in the first match under Ange and beat them.

Unfortunately I've used up my two European spots, because an afternoon before the game and afterwards with the Iceland fans would be a great time!

Adam Peacock's perfect draw: Russia, Croatia, Costa Rica

Costa Rica.
Costa Rica

And who does chief Fox Football commentator Simon Hill hope Australia is drawn against? 

I think Poland, Peru, Senegal would be the ideal scenario.  They'd probably be three teams the Socceroos would fancy their chances against.

Simon Hill