Antalya Youth Cup 2023 Update

Football Australia joins the global football community in expressing our deepest sympathies and sends our heartfelt prayers to those impacted by the tragic earthquakes which have caused such destruction and devastation in areas of Turkey and Syria.

Football Australia would encourage those who can, to donate to reputable and registered Charities who are proactively driving the humanitarian air and earthquake relief efforts on the ground.

The Australian U-17 men’s national football team are due to participate in the four nations U-17 Antalya Youth Cup in Turkey, scheduled to run 10 – 18 February 2023.

Over the past 48-hours, Football Australia has worked with the tournament organisers and other relevant parties, both in Australia and Turkey, to assess if it’s appropriate for the team to travel and take part in this event.

Taking this into account and due to Antalya’s geographical proximity to the impacted areas – approximately 10 hours by road / 820kms – it has been decided that the tournament will progress as scheduled, with the touring party departing Australia for Turkey on Tuesday evening, February 7.

Football Australia will continue to monitor the situation and will take the appropriate action as required.