Watch: Cahill’s perfect recreation of Netherlands classic

If ever you thought there was a hint of good fortune about Tim Cahill's 2014 FIFA World Cup™ classic against the Netherlands, think again.

Want 100 percent, unquestionable proof? Our Caltex Socceroos all-time leading scorer managed to recreate it, perfectly, at the first attempt.

The 38-year-old appeared on a YouTube mini-series hosted by English comedian Jack Whitehall and F2Freestylers, who travelled to Millwall to attempt the memorable goal from the Brazil tournament.

And after Cahill showed them footage of the goal, he then stepped them through how to recreate it, nailing his first attempt.

“It was a great ball by McGowan and I couldn’t bring it down, so [I went] boom, first time,” Cahill recalled before walking Whitehall through the technique.

Tim Cahill Netherlands v Australia FIFA World Cup 2014
Tim Cahill's goal against the Netherlands in 2014

“You’ve got to go with the ball. As the ball comes through, walk with it, then jog with it and then open your body up. Move into the space, move with it …. Ohhhh!”

Yep. Our legendary striker managed to nail the technique first time, while explaining exactly how to do it.

Check it out in the video below from the 13 minute mark!