‘They couldn't miss it’: Genreau's special Aussie support for promotion shootout

Socceroos midfielder Denis Genreau is hoping to clinch promotion to Ligue 1 on Tuesday morning in front of his proud parents who have made the long journey from Australia.

With four games remaining in Ligue 2, Genreau’s Toulouse FC are in pole position to win the title and secure promotion to Ligue 1 in France. 

While title celebrations will have to wait a little bit longer, promotion can be wrapped up with a victory over mid-table outfit Chamois Niortais FC at home on Tuesday at 4:45 am (AEST). 

If Toulouse are to secure promotion against Niort, the moment will be made even more special by the presence of his parents who are visiting for the first time since he signed. 

“My parents are coming to the game,” Genreau told France Bleu.

They get up every morning to follow the Toulouse from Australia at 5 am but they couldn't miss this. 

“It will be the first time they have come to France since I signed so seeing it live this time will make them happy.

“We will do everything to win and I hope to celebrate the promotion at home in front of our supporters.”

Since making the switch to Ligue 2, the former Macarthur FC and Melbourne City man has played a pivotal role in Toulouse’s success this season. 

The 22-year-old Socceroo has appeared in 31 league matches, with 19 of those coming from the start. He has also registered one goal and three assists in various roles across the Toulouse midfield.

Denis Genreau
Denis Genreau signed for Toulouse in July 2021.

The Paris-born midfielder said that plying his trade for promotion-challenging Toulouse had taken his game to another level and he hopes that will continue in France’s top tier next season. 

"My goal's always been to have a long career in Europe, and it was a great opportunity that came up during the Olympics," he explained.

"I wanted to push myself, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and improve as a player and this was a perfect move for me.

I went over and wasn't expecting to play too much and just wanted to give everything to get better, and improve, and I've played a lot of football in the last six months so I'm very, very happy.

"I feel like I'm developing every day and getting better and better - it's been great so far."