Graham Arnold provides an update on the Socceroos' pre-Kuwait plans

With the 18-month countdown to Socceroos' return approaching its final days, Head Coach Graham Arnold provided an update on how preparations are progressing. 

Australia is set to play four vital FIFA World Cup Qualifiers in the space of 12 days, with the first against hosts Kuwait kicking off on June 3 (local time). 

First, roughly half of the squad will assemble for a training camp in the United Arab Emirates in the coming days.

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Speaking to Michael Zappone at Stadium Australia prior to his departure abroad, Arnold expressed his appreciation for the support of club sides throughout Europe who have granted their players an early release.

"I'll get there a couple of days before the players and to be honest, I've been so grateful to European clubs," he said. 

"The FIFA Window isn't until the 31st of May, they don't have to release the players until then, but due to the fact that we've got a good relationship with the clubs overseas, we're in communication with them all the time and as soon as their competitions finish, they're releasing the players.

"Fortunately, I'll be able to get 13 or 14 players across the UAE on about the 25th May and that will give us 10 days ahead of our game in Kuwait, and acclimatisation, especially in those conditions is crucial."

While Arnold is refusing to be concerned by the climate his team will play in, he knows well the value of an extensive preparation that allows players to adjust to the conditions. 

"We're going to go into extreme conditions but my mentality is we don't use it as an excuse. It is what it is," he said. 

"It's the same for the other teams in the group and then the same for another five different groups in the World Cup Qualifiers spread out around the Middle East - so there are about 20 teams having to do it, we're just one of them.

"It's been great that the European clubs have helped us with the early release of players and we'll get ourselves ready for the Kuwait game.

"I think the more you play in the Middle East the more the boys get used to it and everyone gets used to it."

Keep an eye out on the Socceroos' social pages and website for all of the latest updates and squad news coming soon. 

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