Quickfire XI with Mustafa Amini

What’s Mustafa Amini’s worst trait? What’s the one thing he’d like to change about himself?

We asked the curly-haired AGF Aarhus midfielder all the tricky questions in the first of our Quick-fire XI series with some of your Socceroos stars.

Amini also talked about his desire to coach in the future as well as the thing that brings him the greatest joy in life.

Check out all that and more in our quick-fire chat with Amini below.

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SOC: What would you consider your best personal trait?

Amini: "Just being happy. Smiling."

SOC: What would you consider your worst personal trait?

Amini: "It would probably be snoring…if you ask my girlfriend!"

SOC: What’s your greatest fear?

Amini: "My worst fear would be losing my daughter now or girlfriend. Those two are really precious to me and are my life right now."

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SOC: What brings you your greatest joy?

Amini: "My little princess. She gave me the greatest joy when she came out I was full of happiness. She’s my greatest joy."

SOC: What’s your most treasured possession?

Amini: "It’s Vienna. I carry her and look after her like she’s an angel because that’s what she is to me."

SOC: If you could go back to relive one football moment what would it be and why?

Amini: "It would be when I was 15 in the Manchester Cup final and I stepped up for a penalty and missed. So I’d like to take that back."

SOC: What moment would you like to remove from your memory forever?

Amini: "The game last season with AGF. We were in a European play-off spot and we were on the brink of getting that spot and the last 30 seconds of the game we got scored against and that was it."

SOC: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Amini: "I’d say my height. If I was a little bit taller it would be good. It might help winning a few more headers that’s for sure."

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SOC: What profession other than football would you like to try?

Amini: "I love football so after it I would like to stay in football and become a coach."

SOC: Where would you like to coach?

Amini: "One day I would love to coach in the Premier League and win it. It’s a dream and one day hopefully I could achieve it."

SOC: At the end of your football career, what would you like people to say about you?

Amini: "Just say I was a good player and very respectful to the fans. Just a guy that was really in love with football."

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