Q&A: The day Federici scored dramatic equaliser & couldn't hold it together

What’s Adam Federici’s best football memory? How does he respond to an odd question from Trent Sainsbury?

Adam Federici took over the Socceroo’s Instagram story to answer your questions!

He shares his feelings on memories and achievements across his career and also some of his greatest setbacks.

Check out all the answers from Federici below.

Socceroo Brad Smith: Do you like the song ‘break stuff’?

Federici: It obviously comes from when we were at Bournemouth together, we had a bit of a gym playlist and Limp Bizkit Break Stuff was on there and he knows the words very well.

Socceroo Trent Sainsbury: Have you ever been fat shamed? Because I think you’re beautiful on the inside.

Federici: Thanks Trent. I’m sure there's a compliment in there somewhere, I really appreciate your question but don't really know how to answer it.

Fans: Who is the biggest joker in the Australian dressing room?

Federici: It would have to be Archie Thompson. He’s hilarious and I do miss his stories at dinner.

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Fans: What is it like stepping out on the field for your nation?

Federici: It’s a good question and it’s the reason I play football to play for your country. Just like in any other sport it’s the pinnacle to represent Australia. [It is] something I take great pride in. Really fond memories of not only playing but just being involved as well. It’s a great feeling and great honour.

Fans: What is your best memory as a football player?

Federici: It’s probably our promotion season at Reading, Brighton away. There were three games in that month, West Ham away, Brighton away and Southampton away and they’re all games I look back on fondly. It sort of set up a push for a promotion we were going for. It was a great team and a really good time. I really enjoyed it.


Fans: What has been your greatest football achievement?

Federici: Getting my foot in the door here and playing my first game has to be one of them. Then also promotion with Reading was a great one, then representing my country. There’s been a few pretty big achievements for myself and what I define as a big achievement. Things like that and playing Premier League football, they’re all pretty big for me.

Fans: How did you feel when you scored that goal for Reading?  

Federici: It’s pretty hard to describe that feeling but all I remember of it is when I walked in from the dressing room was obviously the last few seconds of the game and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was such a fantastic feeling, scoring a goal as a goalkeeper was incredible. I won’t forget that. I had the giggles for quite a long time, the manager was trying to give his speech and I was just giggling away in the corner. 

Watch below as Federici came up from his goal to score a late, dramatic equaliser against Cardiff City during the 2008/09 season.

WATCH: Federici scores equaliser against Cardiff

Fans: Toughest challenge you’ve had to face as a footballer?

Federici: I’d have to say the start of my career, when I came over, I basically went on a load if trials and did that for a long period of time. There were plenty of times where I could of went home, and given up, but thankfully I got my foot in the door at Reading and worked my way up at the club.

Then my other one would have to be recently having a couple of knee operations and working back from being out for a long time and trying to find football. I’ve found that incredibly tough which makes getting a call up recently quite a big deal.

Fans:  You vs Harry Souttar, who would win at a thumb war?

Federici: Not sure how to answer that one, but I’m pretty sure Harry’s thumbs are a lot bigger than mine. So, I’d have to give that one to big Harry.

Fans: What is your favourite Stoke City moment?

Federici: That would have to be this season, and the Swansea away win. We had a bad start to the season and to go down to their place with all the pressure we had on us and to get the win there when they were top of the table and playing really good football. It was a really good game to win, and it was a very enjoyable bus trip back to say the least.

That was probably my favourite moment along with Fulham at home, I thought that was another good one.

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