Poll results: Caltex Socceroos fans vote on preferred opponents at Russia 2018

Last Friday, we asked Caltex Socceroos fans to tell us who they’d like to see drawn against Australia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The votes are now in. 

After Australia sealed World Cup qualification last week, attention now turns to the World Cup draw on Dec 1 in Moscow.  

As a reminder, here are the pots.

Socceroos pots




From POT ONE, Aussie fans most preferred: RUSSIA (51.8% of the vote)

As is custom, the host nation has received an automatic top seed and that's where Caltex Socceroos supporters would like to start. Poland are also looked at optimistically (30.9%), while some fancy their chances against Lionel Messi's Argentina (4%).

From POT TWO, Aussie fans most preferred: PERU (42% of the vote)

Victors over New Zealand, Peru were favoured ahead of enemies England (21.6%). Plenty would also like a crack at recapturing some of the joy which came against Croatia (9.8%) in 2006.

Socceroos England
Taking down England? Over 20% would like to have a go.

From POT THREE, Aussie fans most preferred: TUNISIA (34.9% of the vote)

Tunisia will return to the World Cup for the first time in 12 years and you want the chance to quickly send them back out again. The next most fancied opponents from Pot Three were African qualifiers Senegal (16.3%) and Euro 2016 surprise-packets Iceland (15.5%).


From POT ONE, Aussie fans least preferred: BRAZIL (1.6% of the vote)

They edged us in 2006 and most supporters would prefer to leave Brazil until the later stages. Reigning champions Germany (2.2%) and contenders France (2.6%) are also to be avoided.

Socceroos Brazil
Should we seek revenge? Maybe not in the group stage.

From POT TWO, Aussie fans least preferred: SPAIN (1.2% of the vote)

Not many are ready to see Spain so soon, while James Rodriguez's Colombia (2.1%) are likewise viewed as a danger. Mexico (6.7%) came in as the third least desirable.

From POT THREE, Aussie fans least preferred: DENMARK (2.9% of the vote)

They were late to qualify but Caltex Socceroos fans would prefer to steer clear of Christian Eriksen and co. Sweden (4.1%) are on the radar after dumping out Italy, while Costa Rica's (10.%) fine showing in Brazil has not been forgotten.