'That was really special': Aziz Behich answers fan questions on Instagram Q & A

From his favourite player, to toughest opponent and best roommate, Aziz Behich took the time to answer some Socceroos fan questions during an Instagram Q & A. 

You can watch the full story here or read on to check out all of Aziz's responses. 

Socceroos Japan

Q: Who was your favourite footballer growing up?

A: Growing up, there was three players that I really enjoyed watching: Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos. 

Q: When did you get first called up to the national team?

A: I was playing in Melbourne at the time, and it was South Korea away where we managed to get a 2-1 win which was great and something that I'll never forget.

Aziz Behich
Behich made his Socceroos debut back in 2012

Q: What’s your favourite cheat meal?

A: My favourite cheat meal would have to be a nice pizza - and a lot of french fries. Generally after games I really look forward to getting stuck into some of those!

Q: Most memorable moment in a Socceroos shirt?

A: It's a bit difficult to pick one moment in a Socceroos jersey, as it's always an honour and always special to represent Australia. If I had to pick one it would be representing Australia at the World Cup - which is the biggest tournament of them all. Walking out in that first game was really special.

Aziz Behich
Behich in action for the Socceroos at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

Q: How much did you love winning Melbourne Derbies?

A: The Melbourne Derby was always a special fixture. Being a player that crossed over from Melbourne Victory to Melbourne Heart (at the time) made it always a fixture I looked forward to. The first ever Melbourne Derby is one that will always stick out for me, with the 2-1 win. 

Q: Toughest opponent you’ve played against?

A: I think there's been many over the years. There's always a lot of good players out on the wings. One that I generally really liked going into battle with would have to be Ricardo Quaresma when he was at Beşiktaş and I was with Bursaspor at the time.

Q: Surely I am the best roomie he’s had!? 🤣 (sent in by Martin Boyle!) 

A: The best roommate I've ever had with the Socceroos would have to be Martin Boyle. Obviously he's the joker of the squad, and I think I was his first ever roommate in the national team. Since then, we've formed a great bond and a good friendship. 

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