Aussie women making their mark

Moya Dodd elected to the FIFA Exco, then Lisa DeVanna's unbelievable wonder goal. What a week for Australian women in the world game.

First off Moya Dodd becomes the first Australian ever to be on FIFA Exco. Mid week Moya was appointed as a co-opted member of FIFA-s Executive Committee at the 2013 FIFA Congress in Mauritius.

It could be argued that she is now the most powerful person in Australian football. I wonder if anyone would dare contest?

Then we have the ever-enigmatic Lisa De Vanna scoring a goal that puts her in the class of “the best attacking player in the US League."

As Norm Boardman would say, “Not many blokes could do that!”

So, have you seen the goal with the more than 450, 000 viewers? How much exactly could this do for the sport? My challenge to you - find me a better goal!

Truly, it makes my heart sing to see Lisa score such a goal. Pure brilliance. Magical even.

I know she may seem like a battled soul to those on the outside who have only heard of her past through the media, some of her actions may not pertain her in the most positive light.

However upon reflection, she is simply misunderstood, her soul is pure And what a footballer she is. Deep down this girl deserves everything that comes her way. I am seizing this opportunity to write about my team-mate in the highest esteem, someone I have learned so much from, a good dose of what to do and not what to do.

I have many wonderful memories playing with DeVanna. Wonderful and well... painful. Why is this memory so vivid?

At training she once elbowed me in my rib cage, and I am certain to this day they were cracked, her little elbow exhibited a portion of malice, we have not ever spoken about it, maybe one day.

Maybe if she gets a hold of this piece? And DeVanna if you do, respond to my questions I sent last week would you?