Westfield WU17s fall to NZ

The Westfield WU17s have been beaten 3-1 by New Zealand in their third and final game of the tour.

NZ started the game well in the first 10 minutes, and then the Aussie team started to dominate, the pressure paid off in 23rd Minute when a combination of passes on the left flank created an opportunity for Amy Harrison, who finished well, with a strike that hit the inside of the bar and crossed the line, which put the Aussies girls up 1-0. The girls continued to grow in confidence.

In the second half NZ came flying out the blocks, this pressure paid off when NZ equalized in the 63rd minute, which was a result of superb combination of passing, and led to NZ player having only the GK to beat, which they did by drilling the ball in the left hand bottom corner of the goal.

NZ grew in confidence and started to dominate the aussies, and on the 73rd minute Briar Palmer one of NZ-s best players throughout the 3 games, found herself with the ball on the back line, she chipped the ball across the goal line, lobbing the goal keeper and the defenders and landed in the net.

The final goal was the defensive error which gifted NZ the ball in the 80th minute which led to NZ-s final goal.

Westfield WU17s starting Line-up: 1. Shamiran Khamis (GK) 2. Olivia Price. 3. Elizabeth Ralston 4. Amy Harrison 5. Sarah Carroll 6. Emma Checker 7. Ebony Philcox 8. Alisha Bass 9. Alexandra Natoli 10. Meg McLaughlin 11. Lucy Metcalf

Subs: 46 Minutes - Lucy Metcalf Off- Isabel Cootes ON Sarah Carroll OFF- Allison Clarke On Alexandra Natoli Off- Grace Henry On

60 Minutes- Ebony Philcox OFF- Jessica Dillon ON 65 Meg McLaughlin OFF- Mellissa Caceres ON 82 Emma Checker OFF- Hayley Sheahan ON 82 Amy Harrison OFF- Grace Macintyre ON