Vanishing spray set for UEFA competitions

The inventor of the vanishing spray used at the FIFA World Cup claims it is to feature in UEFA competitions.

The use of the spray, which ensures that defensive walls at free-kicks do not encroach closer than 10 yards, has been widely heralded as a success during the World Cup.

FIFA trialled the spray at a number of competitions prior to the World Cup and, following the positive reviews from the tournament, inventor Heine Allemagne has said that UEFA have agreed to adopt it.

UEFA have yet to confirm Allemagne's claims, which, if true, could see the spray - which has been used in South America for many years - deployed in tournaments such as the Champions League and Europa League.

"It's already been agreed that UEFA will use this in their championships," Allemagne said.

And Allemagne is keen for Europe's top domestic leagues, such as England's Premier League, to follow UEFA's lead and use the spray.

He added: "Some people have been conservative but I hope that people around the world, including the Premier League, will be impressed by what they have seen in this World Cup."