Van Gaal raises FIFA questions

Netherlands head coach Louis van Gaal has become the latest person to claim that FIFA are favouring World Cup hosts Brazil.

Some questionable refereeing in the tournament's opening game against Croatia, which the five-time champions won 3-1, led to suggestions that the governing body were giving preferential treatment.

And now Van Gaal has claimed that the schedule is unfair, with Brazil - first to play in each of the opening two rounds of games - concluding their group campaign after the Netherlands.

He said: "FIFA have advertisements at every match and publicity around the theme of 'Fair Play' and things like that.

"But FIFA play these tricks. It's not a good thing, of course. It's not fair play."

With the winner of Group B - which will be determined by the outcome of the Netherlands' meeting with Chile on Tuesday - set to face the side that finishes second in Group A in the last 16, Van Gaal fears his side's outcome could impact how Brazil approach their final first-round game later that day.

He added: "Well, we're going to focus on getting a victory and I don't think that will be affected by the fact that Brazil will be playing after us. 

"I'm just assuming that they will do their sporting duty, but it's always a matter of discussion when they do that, so why on earth would FIFA create that situation?

"That's why you're asking that and it's a justified question."