Strike Duo Confident Of Away Goals

Two of Australia’s key strikers, incumbent captain Mark Viduka and John Aloisi are confident that they can score an away goal or two in the first leg, which may prove significant to the overall result of the World Cup qualifying play-off against Uruguay.

Two of Australia-s key strikers, incumbent captain Mark Viduka (pictured right) and John Aloisi are confident that they can score an away goal or two in the first leg, which may prove significant to the overall result of the World Cup qualifying play-off against Uruguay.

Aloisi, in particular, was quite forthright in his predictions, saying we have real firepower to score a goal or two and also believes that Uruguay are scared of the Australians this time round.

“I think an away goal would be brilliant for us going into the 2nd leg,” said Aloisi. “We are not too sure yet how we are going to go into the game, if we are going to go out attacking or defensively.

“We are confident that we can score a goal against anyone, at any stadium we play at.

Aloisi was quick to point out, Australia-s record at the Confederations Cup in June this year, where it gave world heavyweights Germany and Argentina a scare before eventually succumbing and losing all three games.

“We played Germany at the Confederations Cup in one of their home stadiums and we scored three against them, so I can-t see why we can-t score against Uruguay at their ground.

“That will put them under pressure, but I don-t think we are going to go all out to score goals, but I am sure with the quality we have got up front and in the midfield that we will create chances.

Viduka agreed with Aloisi saying, “We still don-t know the way we are going to go at them, but I think within our squad we are more than capable of scoring goals and creating chances and if we play similar to what we did against Jamaica, I think we will be a big handful for them.”

Aloisi, who is fluent in Spanish and played with Uruguayans Pablo Garcia and Pablo Morales at Osasuna for several seasons, went one step further when asked if he thought that Uruguay were a lot more worried about Australia this time around.

"They're concerned; I know they are because I've heard what they've been saying.

"They know we're better as a football team, we're more prepared than we have been, and I think the last game that we beat Jamaica 5-0 showed them what we are capable of.

“Also the performances that we had at the Confederations Cup. I know we didn-t win any games, but we showed how much firepower we've got.

"They know that with (new coach) Guus Hiddink we've got a lot of experience, so they're scared."

Both believe Guus Hiddink-s arrival has certainly had a positive effect on the players and that organisationally they are better prepared this time than four years ago.

“We haven-t had much time to work with Guus, but in the time that we have been together we have done a lot of work on organising ourselves as a unit,” said Viduka, who is likely to be named captain for the two games in Craig Moore-s absence.

“I think that everybody has that little bit more extra confidence in the way that we play.”

The defence has been a major concern for a long time and it-s around organisation that Hiddink has concentrated the players focus in the lead up to these games.

“We have worked on our defensive play as a unit,” said Aloisi (pictured left). “We are a lot more compact and stronger and very sound. When know when to pressure, before we weren-t 100% certain, now we are.

“With Mr Hiddink, he has got so much experience at international and club level, the players have got confidence in him and doing what he says and I think defensively we will be alright.

“I think tactically we are better and through that experience of four years ago, we will be better prepared. It-s our time to get to the World Cup and there are a lot of people supporting us not only in Australia, in Spain a lot of my Argentinean team mates want us to beat the Uruguayans this time.

Viduka is desperate to make sure that his third attempt to qualify for the World Cup will not end up like the last two, trying to put the last two campaigns out of his mind.   “To be honest, I have just being concentrating on looking forward and not really concentrating on what happened four years ago or even the Iran before that.

“I think we have got a lot to play and hopefully on the day and over the two legs we will be the better team.

“What better way to top of your career than playing in the World Cup for Australia. I wasn-t even around when the last team played (1974), so it would be a great thing for us.

Meanwhile Hiddink doubts that Parma midfielder Marco Bresciano will have overcome a twisted ankle in time for the first leg on Saturday night. Hiddink will give him till the end of the week but the game played over two games, will most likely keep him fresh for the second game.

He also indicated, in a roundabout way, that the same scenario could fall on Harry Kewell, who he said was looking fit and training well, but still not match fit.

“He can play, but whether he plays the second game from the start or later in the first game.

“I don-t know yet,” he responded when asked if that meant he wouldn-t start the first game. “We have to see how he is reacting to the intensity of the training sessions, see if he has got a set back physically, but so far he is doing well.”