Socceroos No. 500?

Who will be the Socceroos No. 500?

The next player to make his debut for the Socceroos will become Australia-s 500th national team player in official ‘A- international matches.

Football Federation Australia recently commenced a formal ‘capping- program which has allocated a numbered cap for all 499 capped players to date, based on chronological order of debut national team appearance.

Cap number one has been allocated to Alex Gibb, who captained the Australian side in its historical first international match against New Zealand in 1922.

The most recently capped player was Ryan Griffiths, who made his full international debut against Kuwait in Kuwait City in September, thereby becoming capped player number 499.

The first official presentation of caps occurred earlier this year just prior to the 2006 FIFA World Cup squad departing for Germany in May. Cap presentation ceremonies have recently taken place in Brisbane and Sydney, and will continue to take place in various locations in the future.

Of the squad initially selected for the Ghana match, only Shane Stefanutto has never made an appearance for the Socceroos.

The FFA is also researching player appearance information for the Qantas Matildas with the intention of providing similar recognition to Australia-s senior women-s national team players.