Socceroo fans tell their stories

Socceroo fans tell us why the green and gold are so special. Starting with Amanda Thompson, who attended World Cup 2010 and is off to Brazil.

With the World Cup fast approaching, Socceroo fans tell us why the green and gold are so special. Starting with Amanda Thompson, who attended World Cup 2010 and is off to Brazil soon.   When did you first become a Socceroos fan?   I've been a fan for as long as I can remember!   Who is your favourite Socceroo and why?   Timmy Cahill - he is such an awesome player with great aerial prowess. He steps up for Australia when we need him and always plays at his best. I have met Tim a couple of times and he has been really engaging and friendly - a great ambassador for the game.   What is your favourite Socceroos moment?   The 2006 World Cup qualifier versus Uruguay at Homebush. I've never experienced atmosphere like it. From Bresciano's goal to the intensity of extra-time to Schwarzer's epic penalty saves.   I was sitting behind the goal where the penalties were taken and it was so amazing how quiet the capacity crowd was as Aloisi stepped up for his penalty. When he scored the whole stadium went absolutely crazy - it was definitely an awesome moment!   What's the best trip you have been as a fan of the Socceroos?   South Africa for the 2010 World Cup, although the tournament didn't go as planned for the Socceroos it was definitely an amazing trip.   What do you love about going to a Socceroo game?   Everything! Wearing the green and gold and supporting the Socceroos is definitely something I am passionate about. I love the excitement of the lead up to the game, the anticipation of the starting line up and formation, the nerves leading up to kick off and watching us execute a good game plan. I love when we score goals (especially Timmy) and even more when we win! And of course I love celebrating when we win!   What are you expecting the atmosphere to be like in Brazil?   I am expecting the atmosphere to be electric with a lot of drums and dancing! In South Africa the Brazilian fans were able to create an infectious and fun atmosphere wherever they went and I am expecting the whole country to be like that during the World Cup."   What do you think would be a good result for the team at the World Cup?   We are in the group of death so not getting embarrassed would be a good result!! In all seriousness if we can play well and not leak too many goals I think that would be a good result. No one is expecting us to get out of the group stage but I always hold hope that anything can happen.   C’mon Socceroos!!!!   The final chance to see the Socceroos on home soil before they head to Brazil 2014 will be when they take on South Africa in a farewell game on May 26 in Sydney. Tickets for the match, presented by NAB, are on sale now. Click here to secure yours today.