Second round ticketing information

Following the Socceroos qualifying to play in the Round of 16 at the FIFA World Cup, Football Federation Australia has obtained a small additional number of Ticket Vouchers for any match involving the Socceroos.

Following the Socceroos qualifying to play in the Round of 16 at the FIFA World Cup, Football Federation Australia has obtained a small additional number of Ticket Vouchers for any match involving the Socceroos. These Ticket Vouchers are in addition to the approximately 1,000 Ticket Vouchers previously purchased by fans when tickets first went on sale earlier this year.

• The number of available additional Ticket Vouchers is likely to be small - approximately 1,500. NOTE: Please be aware that demand is expected to be high. If so, statistically the chance of obtaining one of these Ticket Vouchers will be small.

• In consideration of this, and the timing and conditions created by the 2006 FIFA World Cup ticketing process, FFA has developed the most practical and fair process possible to make these Ticket Vouchers available to Australian supporters in a limited time window.

• The ticketing process created by FIFA and the Local Organising Committee in Germany dictates that Tickets themselves may not be sold directly by FFA (hence the voucher process).

• These Ticket Vouchers will be made available

o on a “first come, first served” basis, o from 10am (local German time), o on Saturday, June 24th, o by Australian passport holders only, or non-Australian passport holders who have previously purchased 2006 World Cup tickets or tour packages from FFA Travel o in person, o at a location to be advised in Stuttgart. o One ticket voucher per person - no purchases available for people not in attendance. (Tickets can be sold in groups to ensure seats are together BUT all group members must be present)

• In order to prevent supporters “camping out”, and in order to avoid supporters who are attending the Croatia match being unfairly disadvantaged, the exact location for these Ticket Voucher sales will only be released on the morning of June 24th.

• The exact location in Stuttgart where the Ticket Vouchers will be sold on June 24th will be published on the FFA Travel website, from 0900hrs local (German) time on Saturday morning, June 24th.

• Stuttgart has been chosen as the distribution location as most Australian fans will be in the region following the final group match with Croatia.

• Please note that this is the only process through which these Ticket Vouchers will be made available to Australian supporters by FFA. No other timing, location or method will be valid.

• FFA urges fans to be patient and understanding of the ticketing situation, particularly given the restrictive nature of the ticketing process and supply of tickets. Given the limited number of Ticket Vouchers available to FFA, there will be fans who will be disappointed that they were unable to secure tickets to the Socceroos second round match.

• Ticket prices are:

Category 1: $AUD223.00 (Euro 132.00) Category 2: $AUD139.00 (Euro 82.50) Category 3: $AUD110.00 (Euro 66.00) Category 4: $AUD84.00 (Euro 49.50)

Payment methods are cash, Visa, American Express and MasterCard. No Diners cards or cheques will be processed.

• Successful applicants, together with supporters who have already purchased Ticket Vouchers (approx 1,000) through previous ticketing processes, will be required to attend the Venue Team Ticket Point in Kaiserslautern to exchange their Ticket Voucher for a match ticket.

• The location of the Venue Team Ticket Point is;

Betriebshof der Stadt Kaiserslautern, Daennerstrasse 11-13 Kaiserslautern

• Opening Hours 2 Days before the Match until Match Day (June 24 and 25) Non Match Day: 1100 - 1900 Match Day (June 26): 1100 - 1 hour prior to Kick Off

• Holders of Ticket Vouchers must attend the Team Ticket Point in person, with their passport as proof of identity to collect their ticket.

• It should be noted that the Team Ticket Points are not located in close proximity to the match venue and it is the FFA-s recommendation that holders of ticket vouchers collect their tickets prior to match day if possible.

• If you have already purchased a Conditional Voucher and have not collected these during the tournament, they will also be available for collection at the Stuttgart voucher sale location from 10.00 am until 3.00pm on Saturday 24th June. You will be required to collect these vouchers for redemption at the Team Ticket Point.

• Web Links: Kaiserslautern 2nd Round Team Ticket Point