Matildas at the Women's World Cup

Jo Peters speaks her recovery from injury and the excitement in the lead up to the Canada match.

The Final Quest

Time flies when you-re at the World Cup! We-re at our 2nd home now in Chengdu, 2 games played and 2 sleeps to go to the biggest game of our lives.

So let-s revisit some sweet memories of our playing pilgrimage. The Ghana game seems so long ago but I-ll never forget that game. A dream start to the tournament. The win truly was ‘historic-. The press seemed quick to remind us of our apparent ‘9 consecutive World Cup losses- which included a couple of draws by the way, but that story is what-s history now. But seriously, just on that, it-s been great to have the support you guys are giving us from home. Keep it coming!

So anyway, unfortunately I had to watch the remainder of the game down in the change room with ice bags wrapped around my knee after being stretchered off which looked more dramatic than it was. I just irritated a chronic injury. But to watch the girls brilliantly finish the game ended up being very satisfying as I cheered loud and long with my new little Chinese friends who were looking after me.

After the euphoria of the win died down, frustration soon sank in as my knee didn-t recover as I-d hoped and the consequence of that was to sit on the bench for the next big clash against 4th ranked, Norway. It wasn-t a bad consequence as it turned out, because I was treated to an inspiring performance by my team mates who stood up and matched it with the favourites of our group. The girls sweated buckets, doing it for themselves as well as for us on the sideline but also for you back home who have shared this journey with us as well.

Let-s hope the journey extends beyond Wednesday night. We only need a draw to proceed to the quarterfinals but we can-t help but go for another win.

Can-t afford to think that far ahead yet though. I-m just looking forward to a good night-s sleep and complete my recovery from throwing up my breakfast on the plane this morning! (Apologies for the details) No jokes, it was horrible! The Canadians sitting next to me were lovely to look after me and politely hoped I-d feel better and be ok for the game. Such is the camaraderie in the women-s football world!

I do feel better now thank you and tomorrow-s training is my focus to prove to myself more than anyone, that my knee-s ok and to join my team mates on our final quest for the quarter finals. After many years that I-ve experienced disappointments and ‘almosts- with the Matildas, to finally make the next round of a World Cup would be a dream come true. Not just for myself and the other girls who give their lives to this game, but for the young Aussie girl who dreams to be a Matilda one day, and even for you, our supporter and ‘12th- man. It-s a privilege to be apart of a greater purpose and the way this team is going, I know that all our dreams, could well become a reality.