Matildas' new direction has Kennedy excited

Alanna Kennedy believes the Westfield Matildas are on the imporve under new coach Hesterine de Reus.

Westfield Matildas defender Alanna Kennedy is getting used to life under the tutelage of new coach Hesterine de Reus and believes the change in culture and tactics can only help the women-s national side.

Kennedy praised the new coach for bringing a new style to the team since the departure of long-time coach Tom Sermanni from the picture and also for electing to take on some European opponents.

“She (Hesterine) is very involved, it-s been a massive change from Tom and it-s all been a positive move. A lot of the girls are adapting to the new style and so far it is working well,” Kennedy said.

“I think for some of the younger girls it-s a bit of a learning curve to get a bit of experience with the girls as a group, but the girls have got a really good mentality and attitude and hopefully we come away with a win soon.”

“I think it-s good for us, getting away from the Asian teams which we are pretty familiar with so it will be nice to have a go against the European teams.”