Live Match Update - Japan v Australia - LIVE NOW

Japan v Australia - LIVE NOW

Final Score: 0-0

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It wasn't pretty, but Australia has come away from Yokohama with a valuable point that keeps them on top of the Group A table. Japan had the better of the match, but for the most part failed to trouble Mark Schwarzer's goal.

Full-time - 0-0

92' Japan free kick is blocked by Culina

92' Aust sub - Bresciano off - David Carney on

91' YC - Valeri for foul

Three minutes of injury time

90' Cross by Culina is aimed for Kennedy but Tulio does enough to deny the big Australian a header at goal.

89' Cross by Bresciano is cleared by Japan.

88' Foul on Kennedy on edge of the box

87' Shot - Hasebe - fast break by Japan and Hasebe shot hits Okubo and goes just wide of the near post.

85' Aust sub - Cahill off - Josh Kennedy on

84' Shot - Bresciano - hits free kick well over the bar from 25 metres.

84' Foul on Cahill

83' Japan sub - Tatsuya Tanaka off - Shinji Okazaki on

80' Cahill gets half a sniff to get into the penalty box, but stumbles and the chance goes.

79' Shot - Tamada - heads over the bar from great ball by Nagatomo. Great chance

77' Corner - Japan - Schwarzer takes second Endo cross after initial corner cleared back out to him by Cahill.

75' Corner - Japan - Schwarzer comes out and punches, ball blocked on edge of the box and eventually cleared.

71' Corner - Japan - Schwarzer takes comfortably

71' Corner - Japan - played short and cross to back post by Endo is deflected away for corner by Neill.

70' Shot - Endo - terrific shot by Endo from edge of the box, pushed over the bar by Schwarzer.

68' Shot - Okubo - nice interplay by Japan, ball through who turns and snaps a shot, which Schwarzer saves comfortably down low.

65' Corner - Japan - once again cleared by Australia

64' Aust sub - Holman off - Richard Garcia on

60' Corner - Japan - cleared but comes back in 3-4 times and eventually Japan win a free kick wide on the right

59' Corner - Japan - cleared

58' Tamada great turn on Neill on edge of the box, goes along byline, but Neill comes back and puts out for a corner.

58' Japan sub - Matsui off - Yoshito Okubo on

57' Almost a break for Australia, but Cahill just knocked off ball as break was on.

54' Long ball by Chipperfield for Holman, but Tsuzuki out to take nicely.

50' Foul on Cahill

50' Foul by Wilkshire

47' Foul by Cahill on Nakazawa

46' Offside - Valeri

The second half is underway

Half-time - 0-0

46'+ Shot - Cahill - gets possession 30 metres out takes a couple of touches and hits a cracking drive, but straight at Tsuzuki.

42' Brilliant play by Nakamura that puts Tanaka through his cutback though can't find teammate and Australia clear.

41' Shot - header by Grella is blocked, Neill has a snap shot which appears to come off arm of Tulio, balls rebounds to Chipperfield but cleared as he turns to shoot.

40' Foul on Cahill (finally) - 35 metres out, free kick by Wilkshire cleared for corner.

39' Foul on Wilkshire - free kick played quickly but possession turned over.

37' Shot - Endo is blocked by the wall.

36' Foul by Holman - bit unlucky turning trying to clear and Japanese player on blindside and caught him high. Another free kick in good position for Nakamura

34' Long throw - Neill - cleared away eventually by Japan

Japan have their tails up and causing problems. Australia struggling to get good possession in the final third and turning ball over.

28' Shot - Tamada - hits half volley from 20 metres well over bar

26' YC - Wilkshire - again for apparent deliberate obstruction

25' Shot - Nakamura - hits shot well over crossbar

24' Foul by Holman 22 metres out in front - Nakamura territory.

22' Free kick by Nakamura hits wall and Schwarzer gathers.

22' Foul - by Chipperfield on right edge of box - dangerous position. Chipperfield YC for deliberate obstruction.

22' Corner - Japan - punched clear by Schwarzer.

20' Foul on Wilkshire as Japan try to break into box.

19' Corner - Australia - Bresciano's cross cleared away by Japan defence, Bresciano can't get second cross in

14' Shot - Japan from clearance first time shot over bar

14' Foul - Moore in dangerous position on right - Nakamura wicked ball into the middle, but headed clear

12' Corner - Japan - Endo delivery cleared away for throw

11' Shot - Matsui - blocked by Wilkshire

11' Quick break by Australia, Chipperfield cross from left takes a deflection and cleared away

9' Foul on Wilkshire - free kick by Wilkshire to back post, Neill beaten to ball by Tulio.

7' Offside - Uchida (Japan)

5' Shot - Tamada - into near post side-netting.

2' Foul - Cahill pushing

Japan get the game underway.

The national anthems have been sung and we are nearing kick-off.

Verbeek's formation will be a 4-3-3 with Tim Cahill in the middle of a front three with Brett Holman and Mark Bresciano.

Kick-off: 9.20pm AEDT

Latest News

Australian line-up: Mark Schwarzer (gk); Lucas Neill, Craig Moore, Tim Cahill, Jason Culina, Luke Wilkshire, Scott Chipperfield, Vince Grella, Brett Holman, Carl Valeri, Mark Bresciano Subs from: Jade North, Mile Jedinak, Scott McDonald, Josh Kennedy, Chris Coyne, David Carney, Richard Garcia, Michael Petkovic, Shane Stefanutto, Mile Sterjovski, Eugene Galekovic

Japan starting line-up: Japan line-up: Ryota Tsuzuki (gk); Yuji Nakazawa, Tulio Tanaka, Atsuto Uchida, Yasuhito Endo, Daisuke Matsui, Tatsuya Tanaka, Shunsuke Nakamura, Keiji Tamada, Yuto Nagatomo, Makoto Hasebe

Live Update will commence at 9.00pm AEDT, with kick-off at 9.20pm AEDT.

The match can also be seen live on Fox Sports 3 from 8.30pm.

SBS Radio will also broadcast the match and online. Click here for more details and the link to the online broadcast.