Live Match Update - Australia V Uruguay (2nd Leg)

FIFA World Cup Qualifying Play-off
Australia v Uruguay
Wednesday 16 November 2005
Live Match Update from 7.00pm

Go to Match Statistics >> (not available until match kick off) Australia  - 1  Match Information Aggregate - 1-1 (4-2pens) Uruguay - 0 Mark Schwarzer (gk) Lucas Neill Scott Chipperfield Tim Cahill Tony Vidmar Tony Popovic Brett Emerton Mark Viduka Vince Grella Jason Culina Mark Bresciano Substitutes Josip Skoko Harry Kewell Stan Lazaridis Ljubo Milicevic John Aloisi Archie Thompson Zeljko Kalac (gk) Mark Schwarzer has relived 1993 all over again with two memorable saves in the shootout. The crowd is going absolutely berserk, this is amazing, what an incredible feeling.

John Aloisi - goal YES WE ARE GOING TO THE WORLD CUP - 4-2 Marcelo Zalayeta - saved 3-2 Mark Viduka - miss 3-2 Fabian Estoyonoff - goal 3-2 Tony Vidmar - goal 3-1 Gustavo Varela - goal 2-1 Lucas Neill - goal 2-0 Dario Rodriguez - saved 1-0 Harry Kewell - goal  1-0

Australia will start off

Its going to be heartbreak for one team in this most cruellest of ways.

120' It's down to penalties.

119' Schwarzer is able to grab a Zalayeta header that looks goalbound.

117' Morales shot across the face... that was close.

116' Skoko volley goes well wide.

115' Cahill cross, Lugano great tackle to deny Viduka.

114' Skoko wins corner... but foul called on Cahill.

110' Australia sub - Emerton off - Skoko on

110' Morales yellow card

108' High ball over for Aloisi to run onto, Lugano defends well and allows Carini to take ball.

Uruguay gets the second half of extra time underway.

Half time of Extra time

105' Chipperfield volleys goalward, blocked in the crowded box.

103' Emerton tries shot from distance... high and wide.

103' Chipperfield great block to a Sosa shot.

99' Uruguay corner... Guillermo Rodriguez heads over the bar.

99' Uruguay substitution - Reguiero off - Estoyanoff on

98' Varela tries a shot goes wide. 96' Australia substitution - Bresciano off - Aloisi on

92' Cahill wins a corner... but again we are unable to take advantage.

Australia get the first half of extra time underway with the momentum in their favour.

The Aussie players are in a huddle.. they look the more pumped up at the moment.

Can Australia do it in extra time... they have dominated the second half and the Uruguayans look tired.

They also don't have two of their stars in Recoba and Montero on the field.

The game is going into extra time - 30 minutes - 15 each way.

There is three minutes of added time.

88' Bresciano appears to win a corner but unbelieveably the linesman awards a goal kick.

86' Kewell is booked for diving after making a charging run.

85' Kewell wins a corner... this is the time to score, but alas its not to be.

81' Uruguay substitution - Montero off - Sosa on

81' Kewell is through on the right shot is saved by Carini out for a corner.

79' Montero goes down holding his hamstring and is taking straight off... it doesn't look good.

78' Bresciano cross, Cahill heads wide

77' Kewell tries a shot from long range but well wide.

76' Garcia yellow card for foul on Cahill

Crowd - 82,698

73' Uruguay substitution - Recoba off - Zalayeta on 

69' Uruguay win a corner but Schwarzer saves from a second Recoba cross.

68' Dario Rodriguez receives a yellow card for foul on Culina.

64' Kewell wins a corner... again Carini is able to save... we need to do a lot more from the corners.

63' Cahill lays a ball off to Bresciano first time shot is over the bar.

Australia is really bossing the game at the moment and the crowd is really getting behind the team whenever they get the ball.

60' Kewell cross to back post... Cahill jumps brilliantly to win ball but somehow referee finds a free kick.

57' Kewell is really starting to make a nuisance of himself, beats Varela again and cross is cut by Montero for a corner.

56' Bresciano second... oh how close is that... ball played down by Viduka, volley is inches over the bar.

55' Culina yellow card for foul on Reguiero

53' Kewell great work on left again, cross comes in and Cahill shots takes a deflection wide.

52' Kewell tracks back well and halts a dangerous looking raid.

51' Kewell does well on the left but Carini takes his cross well.

49' Uruguay win another corner... Morales has a free header at goal, but heads it down and over the bar. Great chance wasted.

48' Uruguay win a corner, but foul on Cahill sees danger thwarted.

46' Kewell is fouled by Varela outside the penalty box. Ball bouncing in box, Kewell heads back in and Morales heads away for a corner.

Uruguay get the second half underway.

The players are back out for the second half.

It has been a tough game out there with Marco Bresciano grabbing the only goal of the first half.

Australia is not helping its cause by giving away too many fouls in range for Recoba and he has gone close several times.

Half time - Australia 1-0

46'+ Diogo yellow card for a foul on Kewell

45' Reguiero yellow card for foul on Culina

41' Recoba shoots over the bar... but not far.

40' Vidmar fouls Reguiero in a very dangerous position for Recoba.

38' Viduka fouls Reguiero exactly where they scored from in Montevideo. Recoba goes near post and it goes out for a goal kick.

Viduka great little flick for Kewell, who mishits shot and Bresciano sweeps to thrash home his shot... It's all tied up.

34' Goooooooal - Bresciano

32' Australia substitution - Popovic off - Kewell on

30' Good interchange of passes, Emerton tries ambitious shot that goes well over the bar.

28' Popovic fouls Recoba witha raised arm... gets a yellow card

25' This game is a lot more firey than the first game as Cahill clutches his face following a tangle with Carini

24' Grella makes a lunge at Varela but gets away with it.

20' Morales flick on for Recoba, he flicks past Vidmar and with only Schwarzer to beat slices effort wide of near post.

19' Viduka cut backs to Culina, shot forces good save from Carini again.

16' Bresciano curls shot over bar.

16' Chipperfield brought just outside the corner of the box by Lugano.

14' Vidmar hits a stinging volley from 25 metres out, which Carini saves low to his left.

13' Bresciano wins first corner

12' Oh that was too close for comfort as Lugano heads just wide of the post.

12' Popovic makes a great header to keep out Recoba wicked cross for corner.

11' Chipperfield fouls Varela again in virtually same position that Uruguay scored from in the first leg.

10' Chipperfield fouls Varela and then the referee comes over to Uruguay bench to tell one the players to sit back down.

6' Viduka wins ball and goes forward, lays off to Cahill but he is offside.

6' Vidmar tries to play Emerton through, but it skids off the surface and goes out of play.

5' Uruguay win first corner, Morales wins header but it goes high in air and Schwarzer able to grab.

4' Free kick by Recoba rebounds of Schwarzer's chest but luckily away from Morales.

We have a delay as one of the balls is considered not pumped up another.

We are underway.

It's Australia to kick-off proceedings.

The referee is Luis Medina Cantalejo from Spain.

The national anthems have been sung and its now down to 90 minutes of football that will decide who goes the Germany next year.

Out come the teams to a thunderous roar from the 83,000 fans packed inside the stadium.

The crowd is chanting AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, its a brilliant sight to be here in this magnificent stadium.

The Australian team is being read much to the delight of the crowd who are making a deafening roar.

The Giant Jersey has been unfurled with tens of thousands of signatures. Its a a fantastic site.

The crowd is being enteratined by Mark Seymour singing his classic hit 'Holy Grail'.

The atmosphere is absolutely electric and its a sea of gold around Telstra Stadium.

Team News

Guus Hiddink has made two changes with the line-up with Marco Bresciano and Tim Cahill in for Harry Kewell and Archie Thompson. Jorge Fossati has as expected recalled suspended duo of Diego Lugano and Gustavo Varela plus Mario Reguiero. Out is Diego Perez, Diego Lopez and Marcelo Zalayeta.

Live Match Update - Australia v Uruguay

Wednesday 16 November 2005

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