Kewell trains with team

The Socceroos received a boost on Friday, after injured midfielder Harry Kewell trained as part of the team in training matches for the first time since arriving in Holland.

The Socceroos received a boost on Friday after injured midfielder Harry Kewell trained as part of the team in team matches for the first time since arriving in Holland.

Kewell, who has worked solo on his fitness during his time in the Socceroos camp, looked to be running freely, although it was noticeable that he didn-t engage in any tackling either by him or by his team mates on him.

Considered a vital key in the Socceroos quest to advance past the first round, Kewell will now look to keep working on his fitness and get involved in more physical training as the days go on.

"Harry, I am very happy he participated in the training matches we played today," said head coach Guus Hiddink.

"He worked hard; of course he-s not game fit, but I am happy to see him now.

"He must now, in the upcoming days, keep on the same level of top work, which is always important for him so that he can be more game fit when it's necessary in Germany."

Asked whether Kewell would play in match against Liechtenstein on June 7, Hiddink gave every indication that would be the case if he continues his progression to full fitness in the same way.

"His development is okay, we-ll see what he can do and if he does not have any reaction on his injury in tougher training, then it might be possible that he can join in for some part of the game.

"It would be very beneficial for himself, because in games you gain your power," he added.

Since arriving in camp, the Socceroos have been put through a rigorous training regime by the coaching staff, the likes that most have not experienced before going into a major tournament.

Two two-hour sessions a day has left the players rather leg-weary, but as Hiddink explains it, it-s all in the name of the long-term goal.

"We have worked here very good, on from the work in Melbourne already," said Hiddink.

"Now and on the previous day we worked very, very hard on the physical part of the game, but also on the strategic/technical part of the game, the two together.

"Besides that the players also did a lot of work in the gym in the hotel, so I am happy now at this moment here. In these few days, to work that hard, so that it will pay off in the physical way and hopefully in a tactical way in the upcoming days."

Hiddink allayed any fears about Craig Moore and Marco Bresciano, with Moore not participating in the Thursday morning session and Bresciano only completing half the session.

"It-s not a worry," was Hiddink-s relaxed reply. "It-s just a precaution for Bresciano.

"You have to train in a rather tough way, because if you are not equipped physically, you cannot stand in a high-performance tournament. We are always going on the edge in terms of what to do and not what not to do.

"The players have to adapt to a more physical game nowadays, but I am not worried and it-s good to see that Moorey was participating in all the training sessions and also in the game against Greece. But we take precaution with him, with his past of injuries and we want to be a little bit careful."