Greatest Socceroos moments in Australia - Archie's lucky 13

31 goals were scored on April 11 2001 as the Socceroos put on a clinic in Coffs Harbour.

It-s not often that a player scores eight goals in a match, and certainly it is less frequent that said player would not have scored the most goals in a match, but when Australia took on American Samoa at Coffs Harbour as part of the 2002 OFC World Cup Qualifiers, that was the case for David Zdrilic.

The man who scored more than him... Archie Thompson who bagged an unlucky or lucky 13 depending on how you see it, because while Thompson broke a world record, he was dropped for the next game... ouch!

The game saw records fall as the Socceroos also claimed a world record for the 31 goals they banged in, breaking the world record they had recorded just two days earlier when they trounced Tonga 22-0.

Both games resembled little more than training runs, in truth a training game against a local side probably would have been tougher than this international, which American Samoa fumbled their way through.

Their defence was non-existent and it-s fair to say the keeper saw all his football nightmares come true, left helpless because of the ineptitude of the players in front of him.

The result though did prompt FIFA to change the way qualifying occurred for smaller football nations, the governing body heeding the warning of national coach Frank Farina about the farcical nature of the qualifiers and pushing for the smaller teams to play preliminary qualifiers, before taking on the likes of Australia and New Zealand.

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