Get to Know You - Tameka Butt

Tameka Butt is one of the countries brightest young female players and is destined to play for the Westfield Matildas for many years to come.

Tameka Butt is one of the countries brightest young female players and is destined to play for the Australian national team for many years.

Still only 17, Tameka has already played for the Westfield Matildas on 11 occasions, making her debut in 2007 at the tender age 16.

Tameka will be a key member of the Westfield Young Matildas side that will contest the Asian qualifiers later this year.

We find out a little more about Tameka, the first in a feature series called ‘Get to Know You-.

Favourite Current Player/s: Tim Cahill, Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs.

Favourite Current Team/s: Manchester United and Chelsea.

What player - female or male - do you most admire and why: Cheryl Salisbury - because of her tireless dedication to the game and a great career in women-s football.

What would your ultimate football experience be as a player: Participating in a World Cup and Olympics.

Career Highlight to date: Playing with the Westfield Matildas at the ASEAN Cup in 2008. We finished Champions!

Most memorable match played in and why: Most memorable match is the semi final of the Westfield W-League between Roar and Sydney FC. It was 1-1 at full time and extra time, with Roar winning 6-5 in penalties (a highlight was scoring the goal in game time and sinking a penalty).

Biggest Influence on career: My dad - he was always there to encourage me.

What got you into football: My older brother played football and I wanted to be like him.

Describe the Westfield W-League: The Westfield W-league was very successful for the its first ever season and showed the depth and new young talent we have in Australia. It also provides the women-s game with more opportunity to grow and to be seen and supported by the public.

Outside of football, what do you enjoy most: Surfing and hanging out with friends.

Tameka Butt

Westfield Matildas - 11 appearances, 1 goal