FFA Statement - Asian Cup Ticketing

Football Federation Australia (FFA) has not yet been provided with the official ticketing policy for the forthcoming AFC Asian Cup.

FFA has not yet been provided with the official ticketing policy for the forthcoming AFC Asian Cup. We are hoping to receive more information in the near future. However, we, like many Australian fans, are aware of media reports suggesting that tickets will be put on sale through ticket agents (e.g. Thai Ticketmaster) in the host countries from this Friday, April 20. FFA has not had any formal advice in this regard.

However, if we assume that the information in the Thai media, and the website of Thai Ticketmaster [www.thaiticketmaster.com] is accurate - that tickets will go on sale there this Friday, then FFA believes it is appropriate for us to state our current position formally today - before Friday-s possible public on sell in Thailand.

In the absence of more detailed information, FFA is not currently in a position to mount a local ticketing program for Australian fans. Therefore, our advice for Australian supporters seeking tickets (and / or travel and accommodation) for the Asian Cup is to visit and monitor the website of the AFC & Thai Ticketmaster.

- Asian Football Confederation - www.the-afc.com - Thai Ticketmaster - [www.thaiticketmaster.com

If tickets do indeed go on public sale this Friday, we expect that Australian supporters will be able to buy tickets (tickets only, without travel or accommodation) directly from these ticketing agents. Note that these tickets will not be in any designated Australian supporter areas in the venue.

For Australian supporters requiring accommodation and / or travel to or around the Asian Cup, the FFA has been in discussion with a number of travel and tour operators over recent months. While the FFA is not in a position to officially “endorse” these organisations, Australian supporters are welcome to contact these operators at their discretion. They include:

* Green & Gold Army - www.ggarmyontour.com * Australian Sports Tours - www.astsports.com.au * International Sports Tours - www.sportstours.com.au * Fanatics - www.thefanatics.com * Qantas Holidays - www.qantas.com/holidays or 13 14 15 * Kerry Phillips Great Events - www.greatevents.com.au * Give Me Football - www.givemefootball.com.au

At this time, these operators are unable to offer match tickets in their travel and tour packages.

FFA regrets being unable to provide more information, or indeed a more pro active local ticketing program at this time. However, we trust that supporters and other stakeholders will appreciate that this is outside our control and not for lack of effort on our part.

In the event that further information becomes available to the FFA, and / or our position changes as a result, we will advise as soon as possible. In the meantime, we would encourage interested parties NOT to call the FFA in this regard as we simply have no further information than that which is provided here.