FFA Futsal Championships return

Once again the FFA Futsal National Championships hit Canberra as the courts of the Nation’s Capital prepare for battle to see who will emerge as the best of the best and claim the title for 2012.

Once again the FFA Futsal National Championships hit Canberra as the courts of the Nation-s Capital prepare for battle to see who will emerge as the best of the best and claim the title for 2012.

The prestigious accolades bestowed on the winners of the FFA Futsal National Championship see a week long display of stunning skills, sweeping action and goals, goals, goals in front of large and appreciative crowds who are drawn to a game that rewards innovation, technique and risk taking.

As usual the home-town ACT will be amongst the favoruites to claim honours along with the powerhouse New South Wales Thunder and Lightning.

But, as has been shown in recent years, challengers can emerge from anywhere with Victoria reaching their first men-s final for many a year and Tasmania posting some excellent results along the way. There is no reason to expect this edition of the premier national indoor championships to be any different.

2012 will be a huge year for the game of Futsal with the seventh Futsal World Cup scheduled in Thailand from November 2-18 with the Final due to take place in the 15,000 capacity Hua Mark Stadium in Bangkok. Twenty-four teams will compete for the right to be crowned World Champions in what will be a showcase for the sport.

Before that of course is the small matter of qualification and the AFC Futsal Championship, from which the Asian representatives will be drawn, will be held between May 12-22 in the United Arab Emirates. So there is plenty of action to be seen for aficionados of the indoor game.

The growth of Futsal Worldwide continues apace with the many benefits associated with the game beginning to be recognised by the pre-eminent coaches of our era.

With the small court and lack of walls, players are constantly placed in demanding decision-making situations, requiring quick thinking, good ball control, precise passing, and creative solutions with the rules of the game favouring the more skilful players ahead of the physical aspects which tend to dominate in the outdoor version of the game.

The smaller teams, five-a-side, allows players to get more frequent touches on the ball and more opportunities to score goals improving control, vision and distribution, some of the core factors required in building the complete footballer.

Perhaps more importantly than all of the added skill-factors that can be improved through regular exposure to the game is the simple fact that playing Futsal is fun!

Throughout the FFA Futsal National Championships you-ll see players straining to make that vital tackle, interception or score the crucial goal, but they will more often than not do it with a smile on their face.

That-s not to say that the level of commitment will be anything other than 100 per cent from all the competing players. Tackles will be firm and defensive patterns well-organised and you can almost guarantee that the teams will fight tooth and nail until the final blast of the referee-s whistle in order to win the game. Be prepared from some fierce contests throughout!

And so the scene is once more set. Canberra has prepared and the courts are ready. The eerie silence that descends across an empty AIS Arena, AIS Training Hall, Southern Cross Club Basketball Centre and other venues around our great Capital are soon to be shattered and will be replaced by the roar of the action and the thrill of the moment as the 2012 FFA Futsal National Championships gets underway.

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