De Vanna living American dream

With Lisa De Vanna making headlines in the US, Sally Shipard caught up with her sometime Matildas teammate to discuss football and life.

With Lisa De Vanna making headlines in the US, Sally Shipard caught up with her sometime Matildas teammate for a two-part interview to discuss football and life.

SS: I hear your name often in the commentary and I see you on YouTube, dominating your opponents over there in the US. How are you enjoying it?

LD: I'm really enjoying it. I felt like I started off slow but as the weeks have gone by I am really getting used to the physical side of the US game now. The league is not the same as back in WPS days, although the structure has changed, the competitiveness is still the same!

I live in New Jersey so I-m not too far from New York, if i wanted to have some down time. With our busy schedule lately and lack of motivation after practices I haven't been yet. Though summer is coming so I will probably make bit more of effort to get out and be more social instead of sitting at the front of my place enjoying the sun as I people watch!

SS: Have you enjoyed having your little sidekick in Caitlin Foord? Do you live together? Who cooks?

LD: Yes we live together and it is enjoyable. The first couple of weeks I did my best to guide her and help her out. (Yes, that meant cooking for her and explaining to her you can't put anything metal in the microwave...)

But I also understand it is her first time away from home in a new environment, it really is such a different lifestyle. I think it is also important that she learns how to be independent, and doing that whilst being a professional athlete is a good fit. I don't want to be her mother, the last thing I need is rebellious teenager stressing me out. Credit to her though, she has impressed me. She can peel potatoes and wash her own clothes...

To be honest over all she is doing really well. Her mother will be proud to see how Caitlin is handling it. As for her football, she is also doing well, Caitlin is a very gifted kid!

SS: If all goes to plan over there in the US, do you think your team is capable of winning the league?

LD: Of course, that's the plan! I'm feeling very comfortable and confident in the team, especially as the games go by. We have a good core of players and every individual brings in their own special talent, even the rookies, they have all impressed me.

I didn't know what to expect at first. We have world-class players, Christie Rampone for example, she is such a good leader and such a great defender. When you have players such as Christie, a positive atmosphere is created.

SS: You-ve had many seasons overseas. Where has been your favourite part of the world to play pro?

LD: Australia... There is no place like home! But if I really think about it, it is hard for me to say. Each place has resulted in a different experience. A little bit of everywhere is special to me because it has either taught me or brought me something.

I think playing in America is more respected and well known. Personally, I feel it is more physical, athletic and more direct at times. The fact you speak English here helps a lot too, although English has proved to be quite universal. In the European leagues, overall the set-up is more stable. They play more of one-two touch type of football and slightly more technical.

SS: Would you consider a stint anywhere you haven-t been already?

LD: I would love to play in UEFA Women's Champions League. This is something I-d really like to do before I retire, that would be amazing. I would try a season in France - I will see where football takes me and how my body pulls up, for the moment this is all I want to focus on.

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