Davey's Diary | Exploring Amsterdam

Goalkeeper Brianna Davey gives us her impressions of Amsterdam as the Matildas continue their 10-day European tour.

It's always an amazing feeling to represent your country. Although our first game against the Netherlands ended in disappointment, I think we deserved a better result from the match. I guess that's just football though with things not always going as planned.

As we reach the midpoint of our Euro trip I'd have to say the highlight would be the trip to Amsterdam, where we had a day off and were allowed to get out and explore the city. It was an awesome place to walk around with heaps of canals going through different parts of the city. It is always good to get out and experience the country you're visiting.

There were shops and people everywhere so we were really spoilt for choice. I bought two 'European- styled jumpers on sale which were so cheap compared to that sort of quality back home and a few other bits and pieces. I didn't realise they had trams in Amsterdam until I nearly got run over by one. They go right through the middle of the pedestrian path which was a bit of a safety issue if you ask me! We again had to pay to use the toilets but I guess it's like that all over Europe so I better get used to it for the next week or so.

This afternoon we trained on a synthetic pitch in order to prepare for our match tomorrow against Ado den Haag. As a goalkeeper synthetic fields definitely are not our friend. If you land the wrong way when diving, it can be quite painful. The worst thing is getting 'fake grass' burn from sliding along it which stings so bad!

Although I've loved Holland I am definitely looking forward to France. I've heard lots of good things about the country so I can't wait. All I really know about the place is that they eat frogs and have the Eiffel Tower which I'd love to see but I'm not sure we-ll get the chance.

When I travel, I think being home sick is my main worry. Usually I'm quite good but there is a time or two where you do really miss home and my family and friends. Being away makes you realise that you do take things for granted at times. I am definitely glad we can keep in touch with everyone back home via social media so I really can-t complain.