Come fly with the Socceroos and FFA TV!

James Holland took over the microphone on QF27 flight to South America, heading into the cockpit to chat with the pilot, through the cabin with team-mates and he caught up with a familiar face in seat 1A, Mel McLaughlin.

FFA TV gets you a seat alongside your Socceroos – and Mel - for the flight to South America with the most exclusive content you’ll ever get.

And ‘Dutchie’ James Holland is the perfect host (although his room-mate Ryan McGowan reveals he’s happy to be in his own room in Brazil).

Pilot Michael Weston admits to some nerves about landing the Socceroos as smoothly as he can in Santiago en-route to Brazil, while Mel couldn’t explain how she ended up in seat 1A.

So stay with throughout our national team’s Brazilian adventure for more of this behind-the-scenes content that you cannot get anywhere else but here!

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