Caltex Socceroos roomies report

With the rare opportunity to spend a month in camp together as a group, the Caltex Socceroos will have plenty of time together on the pitch.

Away from the pitch, with many players sharing a room, we asked the burning question: "what it’s like to share a room with a fellow Socceroo?" 

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We got some entertaining responses, starting with striker -  and all-round top bloke - Tomi Juric. 

Who’s your "roomie" in camp? Can you share some inside knowledge?


I’m with Bailey Wright. Tip-top man, he’s a great room-mate.  He doesn’t snore, doesn’t cause any trouble for me, he’s quiet, great bloke to talk to. He enjoys his Nintendo Switch now a lot and I can beat him in FIFA too!


I always get different people all the time, they mustn’t like me! They must say ‘I don’t want to room with him anymore!’. 

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I room with Massimo Luongo. With regards to bad habits, there’s nothing really I can say on record! 

Inside the room he’s a bit of a piglet. He sleeps like an absolute baby, he’s a sloth sometimes. 

But he’s a top room-mate – haven’t got a bad thing to say about him!

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I’m with Mitch Langerak this time. He’s a really good guy. 

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He’s a bit like me, he can talk the back legs off a donkey so the two of us have some good chats that’s for sure!

He’s very tidy. He keeps his side of the room nice which is always good. He’s a good roommate. 


No one! I’m on my own. I’m getting [too] old [for a room-mate].