Caltex Socceroos fans share their ‘electrifying’ playoff experiences

Around 1500 fans celebrated with the Caltex Socceroos on Thursday after Australia sealed World Cup qualification with a 3-1 win over Honduras on Wednesday night in their second leg intercontinental qualifier.

And the fans  who were part of the 77,000 plus crowd at Stadium Australia were more than happy to share their stories of how they felt on the night as Australia confirmed their place at a fourth consecutive- and fifth overall – World Cup.



Socceroos fan
Socceroos fan Natalie

Actor Natalie first became a fan at the 2005 qualifier with Uruguay. She was only nine years old.  After that, and after meeting her heroes, she became a big fan.

“The experience was absolutely mind-blowing. Absolutely magnetic and electrifying. It was so, so good. Edge of your seat, amazing, amazing!

“I haven’t seen them play that well in a long time. When the pressure is on, you perform to the best you can.

“I was in the nose bleed section with my boyfriend and Dad and some workmates.

“My brother missed the night as he had an exam today so I’m here to get my shirt signed for him.

“The energy of everyone there. The patriotism. They are representing our country and it’s such a big thing to go to the World Cup.

“After 2005 I’ve loved them [the Socceroos] ever since. They are my idols.

“Seeing their passion really drive you to want to do that in your own life.”

Frank and Silvia

Socceroos fans Frank and Silvia celebrate a fourth consecutive WC qualification


These two friends who went to their first intercontinental playoff qualifier on Wednesday night.

“In one word, fantastic,” says Frank.

“Because it’s football. It’s incredible. It’s actually indescribable the feeling when that ball goes in.

“In football you wait for that one moment and once the ball went  in it was elation. You’re scared after that because Honduras might score but it didn’t happen.

“And for Jedinak who hadn’t had a lot of football, he was great.

“We started dancing and celebrating when Jedinak’s third went in,” says Silvia. “Mooy was great.

“To support them, it’s part of Australia.”

Michaela and her family


Socceroos fans
Socceroos fan Michaela with her family


Long time Socceroos fan Michaela took her two children Cooper and Caitlin and their cousin Alexander. 

“Fantastic! Awesome!," says Michaela.

“We won but the atmosphere was amazing, too. So many people turned up to see the Socceroos.

“It’s nice to see everyone getting together. The cheering and even my little ones not fully understanding what’s going on but she was standing cheering and waving her kangaroo around and getting into the spirit of it.

“We got there about two hours before kick off. And we got our face painted and enjoyed the lead up and even outside before the game.

“The World Cup has to come to Sydney.”

“It was really cool,” said Cooper. “Tim Cahill is pretty good. He’s my favourite player.”